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Meeting of the Communities of Ocean Action (COAs)
Ocean Action Newsletter: Vol. 9
March 2019: World Wildlife Day celebrates life below water
Webinar: COA on Ocean Acidification
The Community of Ocean Action on Ocean Acidification (COA on OA) held its second webinar on 5 February 2019, where the focal points of the COA on OA (David Osborn, International Atomic Energy Agency and Bronte Tilbrook, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) provided updates, and Jessie Turner presented on the work being done [more]
Sustainable Blue Economy Conference
The Sustainable Blue Economy Conference is the first global conference on the sustainable blue economy. Over 4,000 participants from around the world are coming together to learn how to build a blue economy that:

-Harnesses the potential of our oceans, seas, lakes and rivers to improve the lives of all, particularly people in developing st [more]
Webinar: COA on Ocean Acidification
The Community of Ocean Action of Ocean Acidification (COA on OA) hosted a kick-off webinar on 17 October 2018. This webinar included an analysis of the focus and scope of the Voluntary Commitments on ocean acidification, and participants discussed current progress and opportunities for collaboration.
A/CONF.230/6 - Minimizing and addressing ocean acidification
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Progress updates of Voluntary Commitments
Progress update
An innovative financial mechanism to support the effective management of MPAs in the Mediterranean basin; a public-private commitment in a regional approach for local beneficiaries.
The Association for sustainable financing of Med MPAs has significantly increased its partnership in the past years. The cooperation platform includes now 6 Mediterranean states Albania, France, Monaco, Morocco, Tunisia and Spain and 9 regional organizations involved in the conservation of Mediterranean marine and coastal ecosystems currently inclu [more]
Progress update
Better climate for living of human society and other life through implementation of CRM, and huge employment generation
DETAILS OF THE ACTIVITIES DURING 2017-2019(March) Honouring the commitment as stated above AMCA scientists under the leadership of Dr. Anupam Ghosh in collaboration with Dr. I. Nageswara Rao, U.G.C. Scientist of the P.N.C.O. Department (Physical, Nuclear Chemistry & Chemical Oceanography/Marine Chemistry) under School of Chemistry of the And [more]
Progress update
Monaco will plead in favor of the protection of the Angelshark (Squatina squatina) at CMS CoP 12 (Manila, 23-28 October 2017)
S. squatina has been included in the Annexes I and II of CMS at its 12th Conference of the Parties that was held in Manilla in October 2017.\r\n\r\nMoreover, S. Squatina has also been listing in the Annex I of the Shark Memorandum of Understanding (at Monaoc\'s proposal) at its 3rd meeting of signatories that took place in Monaco in December 2018. [more]
Progress update
Science to Save the Reefs: An interdisciplinary dialogue between economist and biologist to propose practical solutions against Ocean Acidification and other global stress
In order to identify the solutions to be developed to ensure a optimal protection of reefs, the Centre Scientifique de Monaco (CSM) organized from October 2017 to 2019 two important workshops bringing together the best specialists in biology and economics of coral reefs to identify local, regional and global solutions to save reefs from programmed [more]
Progress update
Implementar campaa educativa a 25 centros educativos en Municipio de Roatn y Santos Guardiola
Since 2014, the Bay Islands Conservation Association (BICA) initiated the Empowered Youth project which consist of working closely with senior students at the public and private high schools on the island of Roatan. To graduate in Honduras, seniors have to complete 144 volunteer hours. We have specifically worked with seniors in hotel management, a [more]
Progress update
On My Wish List: Ocean in View
- 2018, July: Annual Workshop sharing experiences and good practices. The phase of training on BizHumanRights strategies related to Ocean issues as embedded in UN 2030 Agenda for 10 projects is underway; 10 pioneering projects on those issues are in the phase of feasibility study; The selection phase of 10 sites - for each of the 10 follow [more]
Progress update
Partnership with the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) to Strengthen resilience to Ocean Acidification
Poursuite du soutien financier jusqu\' fin 2019
Progress update
Support to the Institut de la Francophonie pour le dveloppement durable (IFDD), subsidiary body of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie
A l'occasion du Sommet des Chefs d'Etat et de Gouvernement ayant le franais en partage (octobre 2018, Erevan, Armnie) : renouvellement du soutien financier accord l'IFDD : 40 000 euros par an pour la priode 2019 - 2022
Progress update
Monacos contribution to the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) Strategy towards the sustainability of the Mediterranean and Black Sea fisheries (2017-2020)
Un rapport narratif et financier a t prsent en janvier 2019 faisant le bilan des activits menes en 2017 et en 2018. Il est indiqu dans ce rapport que laccord entre la Principaut de Monaco et la Commission gnrale des pches pour la Mditerrane (CPGM) a apport en 2017 et en 2018 un soutien prcieux au travail de la CGPM pour la lutte contre la pche I [more]
New Voluntary Commitments
New Commitment
Te Haumihi
Ngāti Kuri is leading the facilitation and coordination of ongoing conversations and connections for Taiātea across our Pacific Island collaborative. We are an iwi descended from the founding peoples of the northernmost peninsula of Aotearoa (New Zealand). We have vast areas of ocean and land under our guard [more]
New Commitment
WWF-New Zealand is committed to supporting New Zealand develop an effective network of MPAs.
It is our priority to support NZ to develop an effective network of MPAs that is representative of the full range of critical habitats, well connected and in-line with cultural values. Through this mechanism, we aim to support sustainable fisheries for our communities, enhance resilience to climate change and protect biodiversity.\\r\\n\\r\\nWe ar [more]
New Commitment
Sustaining Blue Growth from Marine Fisheries
Will train 90 graduate students annually including 15 female through teaching, field visit, case studies and community engagement.
New Commitment
Water Festival Freiburg \\\\\\\\
The Water Festival Freiburg from the 11th to the 13th of July 2019 is an international event of innovation and culture, which is organised by the Freiburg change management consultancy “Zukunftsmoderation!” in conjunction with the English film and project team “Plasticoceans.uk” and additional partners from the fields of industry, science a [more]
New Commitment
Plages Propres
Le programme « Plages Propres » est un programme de développement durable en matière de propreté, d’équipement, d’aménagement et de gestion des plages, a [more]
New Commitment
Assessment of microplastics in coral reef ecosystem of Gulf of Mannar, India
Gulf of Mannar (GoM) is one of the four major coral reef regions in India. In this region the reefs are distributed around twenty-one uninhabited islands spread across 160 km along the coast between Rameswaram and Tuticorin. The average distance between the shore and the islands is about 8 km and the reefs are easily accessible. The coast is dense [more]
New Commitment
Planning Meetings for The UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030
1) Engage and consult relevant communities regarding contributions to the objectives of the Decade, with priority given to engaging early career scientists and disadvantaged groups and regions and to the science -policy interface, building on the outputs of regional and global consultations undertaken;\r\n2) Capacity development through organizatio [more]
New Commitment
Regional Coastal Biodiversity Project
In order to provide human wellbeing benefits for current and future generations, the Regional Coastal Biodiversity Project works to reduce the threats to biodiversity in coastal-marine ecosystems in the Northern Triangle countries of Central America. Coastal-marine areas and associated upland ecosystems in Central America exhibit high biodiver [more]
New Commitment
Improved Coastal Watersheds and Livelihoods project
By 2019, the Improved Coastal Watersheds and Livelihoods project will improve natural resource management of the Goascoran lower watershed and coastal zone in order to maximize four outcomes: 1) habitat for biodiversity, 2) water-related ecosystem services, 3) climate change adaptation and mitigation, and 4) economic returns from sustainable produc [more]
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