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Sustainable Blue Economy Conference

The Sustainable Blue Economy Conference is the first global conference on the sustainable blue economy. Over 4,000 participants from around the world are coming together to learn how to build a blue economy.

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Communities of Ocean Action
Coral reefs
Implementation of international law as reflected in United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
Marine and coastal ecosystems management
Marine pollution
Ocean acidification
Scientific knowledge, research capacity development and transfer of marine technology
Sustainable blue economy
Sustainable fisheries
Updates & New Voluntary Commitments
Progress update
Restoring dying and degraded coral reefs, #OceanAction22450
Construction on Coral Vita's pilot coral farm in Grand Bahama is underway. It will be the world's first commercial land-based coral farm for reef restoration. Once operational, it will grow several thousand coral fragments per year to restore local reefs. Simultaneously, it will serve as an interactive education center for local communities, as wel [more]
Progress update
Global Coral Reef Partnership , #OceanAction14282
The Partnership has downscaled climate model projections for future coral bleaching conditions. This high-resolution (4 km) dataset enables consideration of coral reef climate change refugia in management planning, and also has application in vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning. The data, the science-basis as well as some analysis and [more]
Progress update
Environmental monitoring with one of the world's most modern research vessels, #OceanAction19499
No new commitments have been made since June 2017. The construction is under way of the ship, which is now named "R/V Svea" and home harbour will be Lysekil, Sweden. The vessel is scheduled for delivery in spring 2019.
Progress update
Development of ecosystem-based management of fish and fisheries in Sweden, #OceanAction20189
During 2017 and 2018 the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management has continued to develop knowledge to inform the dialogue for the development of the strategy on ecosystembased management of fish and fisheries.
New Commitment
Promote an economic, integrated, sustainable and inclusive development, addressing climate changes challenges in Coastal West Africa, #OceanAction27874
The West African coastline, spanning from Mauritania to Gabon, includes 17 countries that are at varying stages of economic development. Eight of the countries have a per capita gross domestic product (GDP) below US$1,000, ranking among the lowest in the world. Although the West African economies have been growing steadily, the countries continue [more]
New Commitment
Blueribbon Ocean Conversation Association , #OceanAction27880
BlueRibbon Ocean Conservation Association (BROCA), founded in Sanya, Hainan Province on June 1, 2007, is a non-profit NGO dedicated to ocean education and awareness raising, marine debris clean-up, coastal ecosystem conservation and the promotion of developing a non-governmental ocean conservation network in China. The Blue Ribbon Ocean Conservati [more]
New Commitment
Protecting Kep Archipelago, #OceanAction27759
Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC) is an independent community based NGO with a respected national environmental policy and advocacy role. MCC is committed to: protecting and restoring healthy and sustainable marine ecosystems, strengthening their resilience supporting and empowering small-scale fishing communities whos people, for generation [more]
New Commitment
Monitoring natural World Heritage sites to conserve mangrove ecosystems, #OceanAction27747
The International Union for Conservation Nature (IUCN) is the official advisory body on nature under the World Heritage Convention and as a result monitors the state of conservation of all natural sites on the World Heritage List. There are currently over 20 World Heritage sites that protect mangrove forests globally. IUCN has assessed the state of [more]
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